ongoing 2014- present. A companion photo series to a feature-length documentary in production on the people of West Jackson, Mississippi where the Cooperative Community of New West Jackson is implementing an inside out, ground up sustainable development model to revitalize a dilapidated and abandoned neighborhood with the people who live there before gentrification displaces them.

Omar at night

T.J. Jackson


in New West Jackson, 47% of buildings are either vacant or abandoned


the inside of 2104 w capitol court street




Takuma and Nia assessing damage

Nia and Takuma Umoja, along with their 8 young children, moved into West Jackson 4 years ago, began organizing and started the Cooperative Community of New West Jackson

David known on the streets as Smooth has survived by stripping houses of materials like copper and selling them. But in reality he's an artist. Behind him is a house he took apart with nothing more than a hammer and a crowbar for the Cooperative Community of New West Jackson, which will reuse materials from this once abandoned house and turn this lot into a parking lot next door to its planned restaurant. 

Charles and Mary keeping warm


Little Isiah standing strong

4 generations in one house house

Her father's hand

Nia, lead organizer

Lost boys of New West Jackson

along capitol st

George & Thomas

Grenada Street Folk Garden. 2014

Chris and the little ones

Nia, Zola and Zendi on the way


George at dusk

Azania and Zendi



Mulberry House. a rehabilitated house that now creates revenue for CCNWJ through airBnB

Mulberry House Kitchen

Mulberry House Living Room

youth apprentice program. kids from the neighborhood work on the farm and houses

youth apprentices


Grenada Street Folk Garden

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